KFX Circuits & Systems Private Limited (KFX) started its operations with the vision to create new special purpose embedded communication systems. The company charter is to develop new product lines using in house developed IPs that offer significant cost or performance advantage over existing solutions. We have so far developed several products in the field of industrial, home automation and security systems. Besides these we have also developed new IPs that can enable data transfer between devices by a simple touch, combining signal & power on the same cable and data transfer using the human body as the medium. We also have a new physical layer solution for delivering higher data rate and range for Near Field Communication Systems.

Kfx has several granted and pending patents in the areas of wired and wireless communication, system level interconnect, building management systems, low power networking for IoT applications and several niche applications. Our long term vision is to become a premier embedded systems R&D facility which develops radical new solutions that bring advanced technology closer to the common man.

Key Operating Domains

  • Industrial IoT - Access Control, Automation, Real Time Sensor Networks, Live Production Monitoring, Machine Health Monitoring, Security & Fire Safety Systems.
  • Energy & Water Management Infrastructure - Optimal solution for AMI and water monitoring in apartments/Residential Societies
  • Building Management & Home Automation - Appliance & Access Control, Security & Fire Safety Systems.
  • Smart City and Wide Area Networking Infrastructure - Optimal solution for sensor networks, street light controls, Surveillance cameras and other devices with minimum recurring costs for large areas
  • Signal Processing & Communication - Coaxial Signal Enhancer, Non-intrusive logic analyzer, Very high speed modems
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) - Higher data rates and range for active device communication