Smart DG Unit

The Kfx Monitoring devices enable asset owners to remotely monitor their corporate assets centrally and from anywhere where there is an internet connection
Its a Device which is just plug and play
There is no drilling or tapping is needed

Smart Pump/Motor Unit

Device that let you know when it's time for you Motor/Pump Service
Its simple device with simple installation
It helps you to monitor your Pump/Motor to turn off/On remotely and it is also more cost effective rich in feature than existing devices in market

KFX Gateway Unit

Its a Kfx hardware device which connects multiple networks and routes information to kfx cloud
A gateway unit has a customized display and it is placed in the control station.

Power Backup for WIFI Routers/Alexa UPS

Zero lag switching for uninterrupted wifi networks.
Build for WiFi routers, security cameras etc.
Over charge and deep discharge protection.
Dual outputs : 5V Fixed and 9/12V Selectable


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